3 Basic Rules To Better Communicate And Sell Your Product

There are 3 basic rules to better communicate and sell your product. All of them are born from a single natural law: if a customer does not know what you sell, he will never buy from you. As simple as this.

To convert a potential customer into an actual customer, that customer must go through a series of steps. The basis to be able to make the client of these steps is marketing, and it is impossible to do marketing without communication.

That is why today I want to talk to you about the 3 basic rules to better communicate and sell your product.

Are these rules going to make you a millionaire and inflate yourself to sell?


These rules will make you know the basics of efficient communication and you can take the first steps to increase your sales figures.

How are marketing and a magic wand alike?

In that both convert people.

A magic wand can turn a prince into a frog, or vice versa.

Marketing actions manage to convert ordinary people into apostles of your brand.

First, convert a person who doesn’t know your product/service at all into someone who does.

Then convert someone who knows your product/service into someone who tries it.

If you continue to act well with that person, it will make him go from being someone who tries your product / service to someone who buys it (a customer)

If you continue to work correctly with communication, you will be able to make your client buy your product/service on a recurring basis.

Finally, if your marketing works well, you will get your client to become an apostle of your product/service (that is, to recommend it consistently)

The magic wand will have worked again.

Marketing turns ordinary people into apostles of your product, as long as you know how to use it properly.

But this magic wand comes with instruction book . It has some rules that, applied correctly, make your communication more effective and thus the wand works better.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

The main idea behind this rule is that the message you convey should be as simple as possible . The more you complicate it, the less likely you are to get it right to your customer.

Look at the politicians. What do they do? They specify the message (in fact, they speak to us almost like children) to get their ideas into our heads.

Focus on benefits

Your customers don’t care how you get their problem solved. They don’t care what technology you apply to satisfy their needs. All they want is to know that their issue is fixed. They just want to get their benefits.

That is what you should focus your message on, on the benefit that you bring them . Not how you do it.

Activate your emotions

Think about your earliest memory. From when you were little. Why do you remember that? Because there was a strong emotion that fixed that memory in your memory (fear, love, anger, disgust…) Emotions are the glue that fixes your long-term memories.

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