15 Best SEO Tools For An On-Page Optimization

For reaching the crown of the SERPs and to maintain yourself, your website must work hard to remain there. It needs to be the best in class. It must offer the best user experience in that niche. Now the good thing is that you have got a number of free tools that can help you accomplish that goal. You can do that within few seconds. These tools and software will help you and serve you with their quality free services. Do not underestimate them as they are here to make your goals your reality. If you want to be the best in your game you need to fight a battle that no one knows. Using this tool will not only provide you best results but will also help you improve. They will rectify your mistakes you didn’t know you were making. From developing the perfect list of keywords to creating meta descriptions, you can learn and achieve a lot from these tools.

1. Word stream

This tool provides you with many keyword choices, alternatives. It gives you the most perfect and suitable keyword for your content. It understands your content and delivers you the best possible keyword. This keyword tool is already outlining many other paid alternatives in the market. Rather it performs nicely and does not even cost you a penny. You can trust this tool for the betterment of your website and SEO ranking. This keyword tool will not disappoint you. It knows your content very well and is here to serve you to its fullest. The tool will felicity you with many choices and options. A keyword can significantly change your content game. It will help you gain an audience rightfully.

2. Keyword Eye Basic

This is a very unique tool. It is genuinely a visual keyword indication tool. This app is a perfect match for whenever you decide to brainstorm on what keyword to choose. It will help you find some basic and relevant keywords. It understands the basic purpose of including a keyword in the content. The algorithms nowadays can be a little complicated, so Keyword Eye Basic is here to help you with those complicated algorithms. This will help you determine the informative keywords that will help you reach the target audience directly and easily. This software is worth a try.

3. Youtube keyword Tool

This tool provides keyword research or tool for every content. It helps you determine and analyze millions of both new and old keywords so that you can choose the perfect keyword for your content. With the help of this tool, you can have hundreds of new ideas for your YouTube content within no time. This is the tool that will show you the best keyword research. This will help you to find the most searched keyword on YouTube. Hence helping you with the new concepts and ideas for your YouTube videos. It hypersuggets you keywords and dies not leave you with simple and basic keyword research.

4. Übersuggest

It helps you in your social media marketing strategy. This helps you generate new keyword ideas. It expands your content in a positive way. It is specialized in developing new keywords. With this, you will get more access to the content, keyword, more projects, and information. It will help you keep track and regularly improve your rankings. It will help you take action towards your keyboard research while showing you the correct decision. It will give a rise to your content in a positive way. Übersuggest gives you an easy way to find a keyword that will be enough to make your website popular and frequently visited. It suggests you the keyword idea that didn’t even reach your thinking.

5. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool will help you determine the risks and penalties your content can go through. It will give you the tricks that will prevent you from getting a penalty from Google. It will help you avoid links from Spammy and fake sites. Even anchors pay more attention to your content. It distributes your content in the right proportions. The software helps you manage your content. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool will support you in evolving ahead with your online business and content. With so many benefits, be rest assured that the Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool will not let you down.

6. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML is a perfect converter tool for different documents. It is designed by Microsoft word. With few easy steps, you can convert some docs to HTML. It helps you remain productive.

7. Copyscape

It’s is a plagiarism checker. It delivers you services free. When you using this tool you would be required to enter the URL, so that the tool can determine the plagiarism. It will help you verify whether your content is original or not in no time. You can use this tool easily and the plus point is that it serves you free. Sometimes many plagiarism checkers might deliver wrong information or maybe function improperly. Copy scape delivers its task in an orderly and cost-effective way. It won’t cause you much trouble and is easy to operate.

8. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Now don’t be scared, with all these technological terms, rather it is very easy to use them. It is a spidering software. It checks for broken links in different websites. Some of the tasks are a validation of links, backgrounds, images, maps different data, etc.

9. Keyworddit

This is yet another extraordinary way for finding the best keyword for your precious content. Google changes its algorithms every now and then. It becomes a little tough for content creators to keep with these ongoing changes. Hence with the right choices of keywords, you might find a little relaxation with your content. Therefore Keyworddit makes it easy for you to find suitable keywords. It’s a free tool that is a source of abundant keywords. It is very easy to use. It also provides you insights with respect to the target audience.

10. Robots.txt Checker

It is known as a ‘Validator’. It examines the syntax of a robots.txt file. This task is performed is as to verify whether the format is correct and valid or not.

11. URI Valet

Use this URI Valet to views the aggregate amount of objects. With this, it also helps you to server headers. It helps you to keep a check on download, documents, different links, documents, and various other important details.

12. Title and Description Optimization Tool

This helps you determine what kind of attractive title and description you can use. This will help you make good descriptions you can write, to attract potential customers.

13. Image SEO Tool

With Image SEO Tool, simply input a URL, and this tool checks image name, alt attribute, and dimensions. This tool gives you alerts. Various alerts are provided if a probable problem is discovered anytime. Images are also important while you present your content to the audience. Without images, you will find your content ordinary and tedious. Once this tool will help check various images and its name.

14. Schema Creator

This tool helps you understand HTML. It will give you an easy starting with schema.org.You won’t get confused with this new tool. Now with a growing business, you might get busy and sometimes overloaded by many tasks. During this time it will be difficult for you to learn a whole new technical thing. Schema Creator will undertake this task swiftly, hence assistant you with HTML.

15. Google Snippet Preview

This tool helps you to check how exactly meta descriptions and tags are shown in the search bar. When you will be able to check how your title tags and meta description looks like, you will be able to find the flaws in them and will correct them. A meta description is the first thing any user will see. And we know the first impression is the last. Make sure the first impression a memorable one. It’s a great feature to use and apply for making your content attractive and persuading organic traffic. Your title and meta description shall be rewarded, by appearing amongst the other top results.


So here is the list of the 15 best SEO tools for ON-Page optimization. You use them according to your preferences. If you are doing an online business, do it right. These tools are here to help you achieve the best version of your website. If you use these tools wisely they will help you achieve good rankings. With keyword tools, you can see results faster. If you apply these tools and techniques regularly, the result will be satisfactory. These tools are easy to use and will slowly become a part of your work. You don’t have to worry about disappointing results anyone, as these tools will help you get where you want with your content. The results that you will fetch will not be disappointing.

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