What Is Data Driven Video?

As video gains popularity as the format that most engages audiences in the sea of ​​continuous marketing messages we receive every day, brands are making a big effort to exponentially increase their production of video content . However, reaching the highest levels in video production and publication does not guarantee optimal levels of return on investment if such a video marketing strategy is blind to the question of who its viewers really are.

Within what categories of consumers are they? What kind of products have they put in the shopping cart? Where are they in our conversion funnel? Not making use of data that illuminates us in this field leads us to the risk of falling into the traditional perspective of television spots and creating a common video message for all viewers that only causes generic indifference.

New communication paradigms

But we live in the age of data and even the smallest company has a CRM tool that can serve as a data source. They just need support to carry out the systematic integration of their data so that it can be used to shape the creation of the video itself and to optimize the segment of the audience that the video will reach. This is how an authentic Data Driven Video strategy would be born that would deliver personalized videos for each viewer and that would connect with them according to the moment they are in their relationship with the brand.

If you want to know more, this article will serve as a first contact with the world of Data Driven Video.

Definition of Data Driven Video

The Data Driven Video or Video Driven by Data is a strategy within a communication plan that makes use of data sources to achieve precise audience segmentation in the delivery of tailored videos and that makes use of dynamic video creatives that are personalized in real time based on the signals received about the audience or external factors.

In essence, it offers a definitive solution to two big questions: who should we show our ads to and what personalized elements should we integrate into the video so that each user gets involved one step further and makes the call to action.

An example of this in a display campaign could be that the delivery of a video advertisement is triggered by data signals indicating that this visitor is the returning user who has just left a specific product in the shopping cart and that the video advertisement is modified live with a data feed that personalizes the message with the socioeconomic variables and interests that we know of said user and with all the elements of the sector that accompany the specific product.

Data Driven Video combines the power of what have until now been the most valuable assets in advertising and marketing: audience targeting, creative, and audience response data. Without neglecting the processes of automatic video generation, vital for the strategy to be scalable. The combination of all this allows building data-driven experiences that become more powerful, personalized and with higher performance. If its implementation is successful, we will be achieving a great goal: adding value with advertising as well as entertaining through personalized stories that resonate with the viewer.

The benefits of Data Driven Video

In a current context where consumers demand more personalized and immersive experiences in advertising, the use of data to refine and optimize video creative and its delivery mode will increase the relevance and performance that these creatives will generate in the audience.

Data Driven Video makes it possible to communicate to each individual consumer the parts of the brand’s value proposition that work best with them. For example, a message from a car company might emphasize the safety and large space of its model car when the viewer is clustered in the “family” category. While, on the other hand, the same video would personalize its dynamic elements so that the message would emphasize the autonomy of the model for the viewers within the “travelers” category. In this way, we materialize the great precept in marketing that specific messages perform better with specific target audiences, thus ensuring that each message has value for them.

Data Driven Video and metrics

Another benefit of personalized videos is more efficient media planning – with ads that are more relevant, the agency and advertiser will find that they are able to serve fewer ads but with higher impact impressions. Personalization is one of the most important factors to increase sales and consumer satisfaction.

Of course, we also find improvements in the most usual metrics. For one thing, personalized video experiences can potentially improve scores on the Net Promoter Score, which measures consumer brand loyalty by 48 points or higher. On the other hand, Data Driven Video campaigns lead to a 78% increase in engagement rates compared to traditional pre-roll video ads. Among the final results that are usually found in this type of campaign, we find a higher ratio of complete reproductions, a decrease in Cost per acquisition (CPA) and increases in CTR.

Can I really apply it in my company?

The idea of ​​working with huge data sources to feed video strategies and personalized creatives may sound complicated and, above all, expensive, but this is not the case since there are solutions on the market that allow the process to be predictive, scalable and automatable .

Implementing a Data Driven strategy in your company is not a solo game and you will need to collaborate with other entities. To make the integration of your data easier, a good first step is to be organized and keep in mind what data you have available, what is abundant and what are the keys to growing your business (KPIs). Do you have data that indicates a consumer’s intent to make a purchase? Is there enough data on the relationship between the brand and consumers to allow for cross-selling actions?

There are a series of challenges that must be faced to enter the world of Data Driven Video.

Challenges to implement a Data Driven Video strategy

  • Data management : you have to keep the primary data coming from your company organized and make sure that it facilitates the segmentation of your audiences.
  • Data quality : It is necessary to examine data collected by third parties to confirm that the used segmentation and modeling methods are sound, and that the data is up to date.
  • Lack of means : The lack of time and means to start the customization efforts can be alleviated with the management services offered by the market to start the process from scratch.
  • Regulatory issues : we must be aware of following the current legislation in the audience that we can impact and the collection of data.

The implementation of a Data Driven Video strategy is what can allow agencies, advertisers and media to reconnect with an increasingly demanding audience. At The Hook we offer Agencies, Advertisers and Publishers our Data Driven Creative solutions, aimed at improving the delivery of advertising actions, CRM and content. Feel free to contact us to continue discussing how data-driven creative strategies can play a key role in growing your business.


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