What Is A Permalink?

The term permalink means that under a particular link, the content of a page can be found permanently, as the name suggests. The content of the URL does not change here.

The term permalink describes a link that can be found continuously under certain content. The name Permalink is short for a permanent connection.

Differences between the permanent and the dynamic link

The opposite of the Permalink is the dynamic link, in which the content of the URL changes.

  • A webmaster link text can change the content on his website constantly. The content can be deleted, edited, created or moved.
  • In addition, the URL can change so that the content can be found but is only listed under a different address.
  • This does not necessarily have to be done manually, and content is often available under a dynamic URL, which changes automatically depending on the situation.
  • The dynamic URLs are used, for example, in the search function of online shops.
  • If the content is to be permanently available under the same URL, the content would have to be provided with a permanent URL rather than a dynamic one.

The target of the Permalink

The aim of the Permalink was the idea of ​​a Uniform Resource Identifier, or URI for short, which translates as “uniform identifier for resources”. The term was initially introduced in 1994 by Tim Berners Lee as the Universal Resource Identifier. From the point of view of search engine optimization (SEO), keywords should be placed in the URL.

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